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Founded in 1959, COFALEC is the European confederation of yeast producers. With 24 members, it represents almost the entire sector.
The European yeast industry is a world leader, with its production accounting for 35% of global production.



Despite modest production (1 million tons in Europe), the yeast sector plays a central role in a highly diversified economic system.Yeasts are living microorganisms responsible for fermentation. This natural process has enabled humankind to produce bread and alcoholic beverages for thousands of years.
In addition to these well-known uses, yeasts are increasingly used in fields such as medicine, nutrition and plant health.

COFALEC signs the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business

In February 2022, COFALEC signed the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing, one of the first tools of the “Farm to Fork” strategy. Through this signature, COFALEC commits to proactively promote this EU code among its members and to carry out two actions on its side. The first commitment of COFALEC concerns the ambitious objective of “achieving a carbon-neutral food chain in Europe by 2050”. COFALEC is committed to supporting and raising the awareness of its members to reduce their carbon footprint by assessing the overall greenhouse gas emissions of the yeast sector for each site and at the European level (scope 1, 2 & 3) and by building a common tool to enable the sector to measure and monitor the evolution of these overall GHG emissions over time. As part of the ambitious objective “Healthy, balanced and sustainable food for all European consumers”, COFALEC is committed to promoting its catalogue of solutions contributing to healthy, balanced and sustainable food for all European consumers (products to improve human, animal and plant health, alternative protein sources, yeast to help reduce the agricultural sector’s dependence on chemical pesticides, etc.). For more information on COFALEC’s commitments : download here


As the representative of the interests of European yeast producers, COFALEC has several objectives :

  •  To promote and publicize the major asset that a world-leading sector in such a strategic and innovative field represents for Europe.
  • To defend the interests of the sector with decision-makers, particularly at European level, with a view to preserving its
    long-term dynamism and leadership.
  • To develop the environmental excellence of European yeast producers, in line with the objectives of the New Green Deal.
  • To develop common recommendations and technical specifications for yeast production by type and use.