Greener Ideal has 9 facts about yeast and how it is used to produce food and drink

According to Greener Ideal, yeast Has Been Used in Baking and Brewing Since Ancient Times: Yeast has undoubtedly been used in baking bread for centuries. In fact, evidence suggests that yeast was used for bread making in Ancient Egypt, around 2,500 BC. And we know that yeast has been used for fermenting alcoholic drinks like beer and wine for millennia.

Yeast Helps Dough to Rise: You probably already know that yeast is the ingredient used in bread baking that makes the dough rise. But do you know how it works? Well, the yeast ferments the sugars contained in the flour and releases carbon dioxide. Due to dough being of a stretchy consistency, the carbon dioxide is unable to escape. As the gas expands, the dough rises. The most common form of yeast used in baking bread is called Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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