COFALEC member activity: Lallemand Animal Nutrition delivers expertise on yeast’s assets in the nutrition industry

On June 19th, Lallemand Animal Nutrition delivered an expertise on yeast’s assets in the nutrition industry, in Madrid, Spain.

It has been known for many years that adding yeast and yeast derivatives to pig nutrition is beneficial for pigs. In a way. Yeast is most likely part of the diet of their distant cousins in the wild, coming across fungal species from time to time when eating a fermenting apple or nibbling on a carcass.

Lallemand yeast producer has detailled exactly how yeast could be beneficial. After all, yeast products are not like antibiotics, where the mode of action of a compound can easily be demonstrated – they kill bacteria. Yeast, on the other hand, is more subtle, and often works via a detour, having indirect effects, some of which only get unravelled bit by bit. Yet as both time and techniques in science progress, the modes of action of yeast gradually reveal themselves.

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