COFALEC 65th General Assembly in Stockholm

COFALEC Confederation of European Yeast Producers is happy to have hosted its 65th General Assembly in Stockholm on 28th June 2024. Over 50 participants joined us for this significant event, many thanks to all attendees, speakers and partners for making it a success!

In particular, we would like to thank Didier Jans (AIBI Secretary General) and Arianna Giuliodori (Eat Europe Executive Director) for their insightful presentations on the current stakes faced by the industrial bakery sector in the European institutions’ renewal context.

We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Diane Doré (Secretary General), Vincent Saingier (President) and Thore Svensson (host country board member) for the event’s organisation and preparation.

Many thanks to all COFALEC board members and to Torsten Pietsch, Carlos Martín Seco and Nicolai Francis Jensen for their valuable contributions to our working committees.

Your involvement and collaboration is essential to our ongoing progress. Thank you all for your support!